the Paper Ceiling

Workers with experience, skills, and diverse perspectives – held back by a silent limitation.

It’s time to tear the paper ceiling and see the world beyond it.

I pledge to shatter stereotypes and misconceptions and to see people for all of their experiences, skills, and diverse perspectives.

I pledge to recognize the untapped potential of the 70+ million American workers who are STARs – Skilled Through Alternative Routes – so they can flourish.

I pledge to tear the paper ceiling, to see the world beyond it, and to let STARs shine.

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paper ceiling.

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Changing the future of work.

Upward economic mobility for millions of skilled workers has been hampered by two falsehoods: that low wage equals low skill, and that a bachelor’s degrees is the only gateway to job-relevant skills. Now a growing body of research is driving a new narrative - that the 70+ million workers known as STARs - Skilled Through Alternative Routes, rather than through a bachelor’s degree - have the in-demand skills to fill millions of higher-wage jobs.