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Tear your
Social Profile

Show your support on your social media profiles. Download the assets below and share what #tearthepaperceiling means to you.


Add a tear frame to your profile photo.

Upload your photo and preview the frame here.


Change your profile background

Download the background photo below.


Spread the word! #tearthepaperceiling

Change your Linkedin profile photo (and/or Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or your preferred platform) and background to inspire others. Then, tell your story and what #tearthepaperceiling means to you, your family, or your community.

Some suggested prompts to get you started:

Let me reintroduce myself. I’m a STAR (Individual Skilled Through Alternative Routes instead of a bachelor’s degree) and here’s my story.

I wish employers knew… [share your story and why your skills matter, regardless on where they’re acquired]

To me, #tearthepaperceiling means…