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Inclusive, skills-based hiring starts here.

An employer’s guide to tearing the paper ceiling.

The Tear the Paper Ceiling: STARs Hiring Playbook gives human resource professionals, talent leaders, and hiring managers practical tools and guidance to shift their hiring to include STARs - workers Skilled Through Alternative Routes.

The STARs Hiring Playbook helps you:

Discover new sources of talent

Diversify your applicant pool

Build a more resilient workforce

Leverage data and tools to manage change

What's Inside

The STARs Hiring Playbook includes worksheets, reflections, and guides for plotting a new skills-based talent strategy:

Source for skills

Map internal pathways

Identify & address barriers

Evaluate your new hiring strategy

Rework job descriptions & job postings

Prepare for skills-based job interviews

Download the STARs Hiring Playbook.