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Inclusive, skills-based hiring starts here.

An employer’s guide to tearing the paper ceiling.

The Tear the Paper Ceiling: STARs Hiring Playbook gives human resource professionals, talent leaders, and hiring managers practical tools and guidance to shift their hiring to include STARs - workers Skilled Through Alternative Routes.

Learn the benefits of hiring STARs and how our Playbook can help below.

Download the playbook to:

Discover new sources of talent

Help meet your diversity goals

Build more resilient talent

Access data and case studies

Over the coming months, the playbook will grow to eight chapters and a series of employer case studies that will help you understand how to find and recruit STARs at scale.

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Chapter 1

Seeing STARs: A Skills-Based Approach to an Inclusive Workforce

Learn how STARs can meet your needs and how to start retooling your hiring practices to bring STARs in at the right level for their skills.

Chapter 2

Defining a STARs Hiring Strategy

Use our step-by-step guide to create and launch a talent strategy that’s tailored to your organization and intentionally incorporates STARs.

Chapter 3

Adopting Skills-Based Hiring

Follow these five steps to implement skills-based hiring at your organization and find talented STARs to fill your jobs.

Case Study

How Microsoft Enabled Career Mobility for New Employees

Understand how the company used its academy to create mobility for STARs.

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Chapter 4 Topic

Internal sourcing

Chapter 5 Topic


Chapter 6 Topic

Apprenticeships and work-based learning

Chapter 7 Topic


Chapter 8 Topic

Vendor contracting

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